Spring reminder…being proactive saves legal costs!

Date: May 2023

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken a number of calls from owners, contractors, and subcontractors all related to delay and/or increases in costs on a project. What was the common thread amongst all of these calls?

None of the parties I spoke to had a lawyer review the contract before they entered into it.

The contracts were all silent about termination, delay, and escalation in costs.

Parties were all having to decide between pursuing a costly litigation process or absorbing the loss.

A properly drafted contract will by no means make disputes disappear, but I’d argue that parties are less likely to get into a dispute in the first place if the “rules of engagement” are clear.

And at the end of the day, the costs savings associated with reaching out to a lawyer before entering into a contract as opposed to when a dispute has already started can be astronomical.

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