Trusted project advice.

Proven dispute resolution.

At Sangha Construction Law, we take pride in delivering a broad spectrum of construction law services to our clients, spanning from project inception to completion and beyond. With our comprehensive approach, we provide unwavering support throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project, ensuring our clients’ legal needs are met at every stage.

Our services include: project advice, contract review, contract drafting, contract negotiation, construction dispute interim adjudication, construction liens, and all other types of construction litigation.

While we primarily operate in a virtual capacity to maximize convenience for our clients, we are readily available for in-person consultations when the need arises, ensuring that we adapt to your preferences and requirements seamlessly.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and remember that it’s often best to seek the guidance of a construction lawyer as early as possible in your project’s lifecycle to proactively address any legal considerations and ensure a smoother journey to success.


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