Important decision for litigators in Ontario about filing only what is necessary on a motion.

Date: March 2023

A December 2022 decision from Justice Edwards discussed the importance of filing only the most necessary materials onto Caselines and the “12 Ways to Win Your Motion” (paragraph 15 of the decision).

The legal profession (especially prior to the pandemic) was stuck in the past (in some ways it still is) but now that it has finally embraced technology, its incumbent on counsel to use technology to make life a bit easier for judges.

I will definitely keep the following paragraph of the decision in mind:

“In the world we now live in, the Bar needs to appreciate that apart from the requirements imposed by the Notice and the Rules of Civil Procedure judges are human beings. We simply do not have the time to read the volume of material we are often confronted with. The Bar would be well advised to read the Notice and The Rules to ensure they have complied with the minimum filing requirements for the hearing of a motion or a pre trial.”

Click here for a link to the decision.

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