Attention homeowners…do your due diligence before retaining a general contractor!

With widespread labour and supply shortages negatively impacting the construction industry, homeowners, eager to renovate, might think its okay to avoid the appropriate level of due diligence (such as obtaining multiple quotes) so that they can secure a general contractor to get the project started. 

I have spoken to several homeowners who entered into a contract with a general contractor, only to realize shortly thereafter that they did not receive the “great deal” they initially thought they did (they got ripped off…).

While this might be a horrible experience, the law on unconscionability will very likely not protect you from a bad bargain! In short, unconscionability requires an inequality in bargaining power and a resulting improvident bargain.

As much as you’d like that new kitchen and bathroom, be patient, do your due diligence, and have a construction lawyer review the contract beforehand.

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